The Latest News in Garage Door Repair in Henderson Nevada May 24 2018. 

Swift Garage Door Repair Service Company has extended their company base and now offers Henderson Nevada garage door repair services. And as of the end of May 2018 will have available coupons for all garage door service & repairs consumers. Mike the supervisor of Swift Garage Door Repair of Henderson Nevada promises that consumers can expect to get the same high quality garage door repair service in Henderson Nevada as they have been known for everywhere Swift has conducted business. It's true that we are building our team as we speak but it's a process that has been going on for a while and it's today that we have chosen to hit the ground running as we have what we call the Henderson Nevada Garage Door Service Repair Dream Team. 

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Garage Door Repair knowledge from a Las Vegas garage door repair company. 

Swift Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas put some knowledge for the rest of us who don't know much about the garage door industry. 

What is the most requested garage door repair in Las Vegas? 

The most requested garage door repair parts are the garage door springs. It seems that the heat in Las Vegas takes a great toll on the garage door springs making their life expectation much shorter than other parts of the country.

Another question you might ask is, how much can replacing the garage door springs cost? 

Keep in mind this can vary but a good idea is about $200 to $400 MAX.

What is the most common time of the year that garage door repair services are requested in Las Vegas? 

In most cases Las Vegas garage door repairs are most requested between seasons as our climate can go from a hot summer (117 degrees) to a cold winter of 28 degrees. And as you can imagine that can make the garage door repair parts more susceptible to garage door breakdowns. 

Do home warranty companies cover garage door repairs? 

This is a policy issue, you should always ask these questions before purchasing a home warranty. Swift Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas have done garage door repair services in Las Vegas for home warranty companies but make sure that the policy you're looking at has you covered properly. 

When purchasing a new garage door motor should I worry about the horsepower? 

In most cases people purchase new garage door motors do to the garage door motor had quit on them. So make sure to avoid an unneeded garage door repair by buying the right one for the weight and usage.

Garage Door horsepower info.

3/4 HP Garage Door Motors are good for oversize garage doors so the resistance of the weight of the garage door will not overwhelm the motor resulting in undesired garage door repair bill.  HP

1/3 HP Garage Door Motor is ok for everyday use as long as the garage door is perfectly balanced and has no resistance that is unwanted. Keep in mind that 1/3 HP Garage Door Motor was designed for a one car garage door only and has no long term benefit as sooner or later there will be resistance that you might not know about.

1/2 HP Garage Door Motor is the most recommended garage door motor for everyday use. The 1/2 HP Garage Door Motor was designed for most two car garage door, But make sure with a Las Vegas garage door repair company that it meets your garage door requirements before purchasing.