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How Did The Industry of Solar Energy Change in Las Vegas. 

​The first solar energy system was first available in the mid-50's but as you could imagine you certainly couldn't get one in Las Vegas at that time. In fact, you couldn't even buy a solar energy system till the 80's, and even then buying a solar energy system in Las Vegas was likely to surpass the price of the house itself ''funny I know). And just to explain how expensive it would have been to get a solar energy panel system in Las Vegas, It would have cost somewhere around 200k. 

And even if you had deep pockets you would have had to hire a company to come into Las Vegas to install that solar energy power panel system and at the same time hire a general contractor in Las Vegas to overlook the jobsite just so it would have the proper permit. 

As a matter of fact it wasn't till 1994 that the first Las Vegas solar energy power panel was installed. (The first solar system was done for the federal government by the Nellis Air Force Base by the manufacturer themselves under a local contractor. ​The second solar energy power system was installed on a local federal building in 2003 in  the middle of town to show the public what solar panels are). 

This was a sign of the time as most people in Las Vegas have never seen a solar energy power panel system. But unfortunately solar energy in Las Vegas was still not affordable to say the least. 

It was finally in 2005 that the solar energy tax credit was signed into law making the solar energy system more enticing, but regrettably still out of reach for most of the population. 

In 2008 there were two Nevada solar energy companies that had offered solar panels in the state. However it wasn't till 2011 that we finally had three functioning solar energy companies in Las Vegas that were completely licensed to do so. This did make a huge difference as many consumers found it hard to pay a company thousands of dollars who weren't even licensed by the city of Las Vegas. 

Another problem that people who wanted solar energy in Las Vegas experienced at first was the fact that HOA's (Homeowners Association) would not approve it. And to be honest I can understand why, because if you didn't know what it is you just thought how weird it looked. That being said, there are some HOA's that are still making it difficult till this very day. But don't worry there's a rumor that the federal government might pass a law that would override all that allowing consumers the right to buy solar energy panels anywhere. 

 As of 2018 there are over ten solar energy system companies in Las Vegas. This has significantly changed the game as it has made the market much more competitive for the consumers. 

In 2022 SunOn Solar Energy of Las Vegas had created a solar energy program that would allow the consumer to purchase solar energy power systems in Las Vegas for as low as $49 a month. This has changed how some people who never thought they could afford a solar energy system can now take it to serious consideration. 

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