(Fun Fact The first Henderson Nevada window shutters company was established in 1964) 

Las Vegas History lesson

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The Unknown History of Window Shutters in Las Vegas 

Although the first hotel in Las Vegas was the Pair-o-Dice Club in 1931, but the first on what is currently the Strip was the El Rancho Vegas, opening on April 3, 1941, with 63 rooms. That casino stood for almost 20 years before being destroyed by a fire in 1960. Its success spawned a second hotel on what would become the Strip, the Hotel Last Frontier, in 1942. Organized crime figures such as New York's Bugsy Siegel. The El Rancho wanted customers to feel like there some where else and so they brought Shutters to Las Vegas from Italy where they had to be shipped for over 30 days just to get to Las Vegas. These Shutters had to deal with the Las Vegas heat so first they tried to paint these new Las Vegas shutters with special paint but that didn't work so the Hotel had the manufacturer owner himself come to Las Vegas to check why these Shutters where getting warped so badly. The factory owner gave credit to Las Vegas to changing the future of how shutters where going to be made. The next generation of Shutters in Las Vegas where much better but did not last more than five years. These Window shutters looked much what you would see in Italy as the hotel made the owner feel back home. 

Caesars Palace was established in 1963 in Las Vegas but by than they have learned about all the mistakes that others have made. Whar Caesars Palace did is bring it's Shutters to Las Vegas from Israel where they had more experience with dealing with heat issues. These new Las Vegas Shutters where made of Ceder wood also know as the first Cedar Shutters but should have been called Cedar Shutters Las Vegas model one. Today these shutters are know as Canadian Cedar Shutters for some reason. 

​In 1973 the first MGM Hotel was opened with over 2000 rooms, but this was the first Hotel in Las Vegas with no Shutters as it had drapes and Blinds. The hotel owner thought that having Blinds on his Las Vegas resort was classier and stock with it. And so Blinds in Las Vegas hotels where coming to a new area as companies couldn't make them fast enough to keep up with this new demand of Las Vegas Blinds needs. (but that's another story). 

​In 2004 the Nevada Governor's Mansion had a Las Vegas Shutters company install new Shutters making it the Last government building to get Shutters in Nevada but it's not in Las Vegas as you probably already know. 

Pictures of Shutters Las Vegas History from the right to the lest =  first hotel - Governor's mansion - Downtown Las Vegas 

​How ever today Shutters in Las Vegas and Shutters in Henderson NV have made a comeback as homes

in Las Vegas that have shutters are considered by some as higher end products and cost more 

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