How Did The Industry of Solar Energy Grow in Port St. Lucie. 

‚ÄčThe first solar energy system was available in 1954 but you certainly couldn't have a solar energy system in Port St Lucie at that time. For one Port St Lucie wasn't a city till April 27, 1961.  How ever solar energy power in Port St Lucie today is growing faster than it ever was. 

The solar energy panels systems was really not sellable till the 80's and even than the price was so high that you could spend over $200k on a home making it really unreal for most families. In the 80's if you wanted a solar energy panel system in Port St Lucie you had to hire a company from outside the city and a local general contractor at the same time simply because there just wasn't a demand for that kind of product do to the pricing. In fact, solar energy power panels in Port St Lucie wasn't a thing till 1996 when a manufacture that had a Florida license was asked by the federal government to install solar energy power panels system on federal buildings. In 2004 the first notable solar energy panels system in Port St Lucie Florida was installed on the National Guard building. This was really a sign of the time as solar energy panel system was never seen by most people like me. You almost have to wonder if it was done just so people would see solar energy power in Port St Lucie Florida.

To understand the timing of that, because the solar tax credit was originally created through the Energy Policy Act, which was signed in 2005. Making the solar energy system the new push for the future of eco-friendly world we are seeing created today. 

In 2007 there was two solar energy companies in Florida offering systems with complete installation. However solar energy panels in Port St Lucie was not offered by a local company at that time.

It was in 2013 that when a solar energy company in Port St Lucie was finally opened for business, making it possible to hire a local company. This did make a huge difference as many people found it hard to pay a company thousands of dollars who wasn't even licensed by the city they lived in.

Another factor that stopped people from getting solar energy panels in Port St Lucie Florida was the fact that Home Owners Associations (HOA's) found it hard to approve. After all this was a huge panel system that we as people just couldn't get used to seeing on top of the building. An other words, it was just weird and ugly, and to me too. However sooner or later most of us got used to it and we don't even notice it anymore. That being said, there are many HOA's that will not allow solar energy power panels in Port St Lucie till this very day. But don't worry there's a rumor that the local government might pass a law that would not allow anyone to stop homeowners from getting renewable energy in Florida. 

''Keep in mind, that solar energy and biomass provide most of Florida's renewable sourced electricity''. 

As off 2018 there was over seven solar energy system companies in Port St Lucie. This is very significant as when there's more companies competing for the same consumers the pricings have the tendencies to get competitive and lower. 

In 2021 Fidelity Solar Energy had opened a location in Port St Lucie Florida. This is great for the solar energy consumer as Fidelity is known for their customer care and the knowledge they help teach every client they help. For more information about Fidelity Solar Energy Of Port St Lucie Florida see the provided link